Monday, 16 March 2015

Explorer props!

Sooo, I was planning on starting to animate today, but alas I left the top bit of my tripod at home so not to have a completely wasted day I thought I'd do some blogging!

For the explorer & monkey scene the explorer needed some props, a hat and a travellers bag.

I made the hat out of this sort of net material, which was awful to sew so i ended up sewing material of a similar colour underneath it to stop it from all coming apart. The photos below show all of the steps!

To make the bag I just grabbed any brown scrap material I could find! Along with that I found trousers for a doll, which had little pockets! Ready made pockets = less sewing!

I sewed the brown materials ends together, sewed on the ready made pocket then added a bit of patterned material on the top.

I wanted it to actually function like a bag-pack, so I sewed a running stitch along the top of the bag then pulled the string, and ta-da! It closes!

And to keep it closed I added a button, and then to finish it off added straps!


Explorer props = Done!


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